We Practice Natural Dyeing

 Visiting The Food Market, Collecting Waste, Dyeing With Waste - Video edited by Cem Gülsüm
Natural dyeing is a traditional way of colouring natural fiber and has been practiced throughout history to create skin-sensitive and eco-friendly textiles. These types of dyes come only from natural resources such as plants; leaves, flowers, roots, wood, earth, nuts and seeds or even insects and minerals. 
Moroccan Pigment Dyes for the 2020 Spring/Summer Collection
As Tenera, we try to experiment with a variety of natural materials to dye our fabrics. Some of these are natural pigments, food waste, henna, natural mordants, earth. Our aim is to push the boundaries of colour and print making by modifying the colour and effect of these materials by playing with the ph levels.  Some modifiers we use are baking soda, henna,  iron and alum water.
Easily Accessible Food Waste & Plant Based Dyeing for the 2021 Spring/Summer Collection
By using food waste to dye our fabrics, we not only revalue leftover aliments but also achieve coincidental and one of a kind pieces. We are aware of the accelerating interest towards eco-friendly crafty processes and we organise workshops to share our learnings.
Our intention is and always will be to produce garments that are sensibly made and have no harm to your skin. 
Imagery from Summer'21 Unisex Tenere Collection 
Videos by Selin Ünsel, edited by Defne Özdoğan
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