Bozcaada Jazz Festivali, Eco-Printing Atölyesi

Bundle Dyeing Workshop at Bozcaada Jazz Festival

We organised a bundle dyeing workshop as part of Bozcaada Jazz Festival's Kesif program, ' an experience program that spreads to various areas of Bozcaada during the festival, bringing the senses to the center with a multi-disciplinary selection and meeting the participants'. The workshop focused on local colours of the island. Dye materials were gathered from wild plants that we encountered on the island to kitchen waste from the festivals food and drinks consumption. For this workshop we wanted to create a fun and playful flow for the jazz lovers that fits well within a festival environment. We started off by an interactive talk on natural dyes, 'living colour' and continued on learning the process of bundle dyeing; an eco printing technique on fabric using plants. Each participant created their own artworks on textiles and had the chance to connect with their inner child and the natural eco system of the island through a sensual experience. 
Photos by Bozcaada Jazz Festival Media Team

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