Dünya İçin Burada, Çocuklarla Eko-Baskı Atölyesi

Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing Workshop at 'Dunya Icın Burada' Festival with Children 


For Dunya icin Burada , 'a nature and awareness festival sharing knowledge across generations to connect with and protect nature', we voluntered to create a space for kids to learn and experience natural dyeing. Our workshop held place during the 3rd day of the festival, which was around the theme of 'Soil and Awareness'. Participants from all generations came together in the garden of Manej Urla to connect with the colours of the earth. From onion skins, walnut shells collected at the local farmers market, to rose leaves and rosemary from Manej Urla's garden; a wide range of colour materials were provided to explore and play with. During the first part of the workshop we learned how to dye and create patterns on fabric using shibori folding technique. Later, we started experimenting with bundle dyeing technique to create prints of plants on fabric. Kids from different ages created their artworks, connecting with eachother and the natural world. We feel happy and honored to be a part of Dünya İçin Burada Team. To learn about other events and news, follow Dünya İçin Burada on instagram.

instagram : @dunyaicin


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