'ATIK DEGIL ARTIK' Our Annual Natural Dyeing and Shibori Folding Technique Workshops 

ATIK DEGIL ARTIK is an Up-cycling & Natural Dyeing Workshop we hold every summer, where we learn about natural dyes in detail and how to use kitchen/food waste to create colour. We aim to share our belief that what may seem as waste at first, can be a source of creation if we approach with an open mind to its potential. After giving extended information on natural dye materails and the process of natural dyeing, we move on to learning about shibori folding technique to create pattern and visuals on fabric. Here, each participant creates their own artwork by applying Shibori technique in their own way and we start dyeing the fabrics. All materials we use in Atık Degil Artık workshops are waste fabrics from our studio and food waste collected from restaurants and farmers markets we collaborate with. 




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