Doğal Boyama & Eko-Baskı Atölyesi - No12, Bodrum 2022

Natural Dye and Eco Print Workshop at No12 Gumusluk

We came together with No12 Gumusluk to organise a full day gathering in their beautiful garden. The day flowed from natural dyeing workshop in the morning, to a lunch and swimming break where we walked down to Gumusluk's beach. During our short walk to the sea, we collected wild plants, eucalyptus leaves, hibiscus, berry leaves, rosemary... to use in our afternoon eco print session. After the break, we came together to learn and practice bundle dyeing to create prtins on fabric using plants. As our colour materials, along side the plants we encountered in the garden and during our walk, we also used waste from No12's kitchen: onion skins and coffee grinds. All participants created their own naturally dyed and printed fabrics to take home. 



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