Fine arts, digital printing,  natural dyeing, natural dyeing with pigment, bundle dyeing, earth dyeing, shibori folding technique, screen printing, wood carving & wood block printing, wall art, spatial textile installations.
Tenera Art Sessions:
Live Drawing Sessions (Chill Out Festival, Bodrum, 2019),
Natural Dyeing & Shibori Dyeing Technique Workshop (Raw & Wild Anniversary Event, 2020)
Face & Body Painting Workshop (Raw & Wild Anniversary Event, 2020)
Natural Dyeing & Shibori Dyeing Technique Workshop (Küçük, Akyaka, 2021)
Bundle Dyeing Technique Workshop (Küçük, Akyaka, 2021)
Ecstatic Dance Workshop (0Sbcs, Istanbul, 2022)
Bundle Dyeing Workshop with Clara Jedrecy (London, 2022)