Serra Bilgincan - May, 2022

Serra Bilgincan

Introducing Tide Sarong, a collaboration with our dear friend and ever inspiring artist Serra.
Serra and us have been creating together in our friendly environment since before we started our journey for Tenera. Being even the name mother of our brand she is no stranger to our designs or values. As versatile as us, she has an eastetic in many different areas of design. Finally this year, we created the oppurtunity to collaborate and see her art on one of our Tenera pieces.
Serra Bilgincan - Tide Sarong


Serra Bilgincan is an artist and a designer with an architecture background from Central Saint Martins.

Poetry and materiality being important elements of her work, she works in different mediums that through sensory experiences, try to encourage people to rethink on their spatiality and the concept of time.

In response to the rhythms brief, she has designed the "Tide" sarong that illustrates the harmonic movement of the earth and the moon that results in tides. In the process, she has used photos of water reflections on stones she had taken during her trips to the Aegean coasts of Turkey.

Serra Bilgincan - Tide Sarong      Tide Sarong by Serra Bilgincan     Tide Sarong by Serra Bilgincan

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