tender, sensitive, kind
Tenera is a textile design brand that takes motivation from arts and crafts.  It intends to reflect the values of its name in its production process and communicate those embodied values through its materials. Taking inspiration from the versatility of textiles, Tenera sees fabric as a tool with infinite potential. Each design is the end product of an exciting journey of narrative and experiments in technique. The brand unites innovation and sustainability with traditional craftsmanship. Aside from the natural dyeing techniques applied on 100% natural materials; Tenera is focused on using materials to their maximum potential to minimise waste. It incorporates observations of natural and cultural beauties as well as unique details and momentary happenings in its aesthetics.
Who are we?
​We as founders are graduates from  Central Saint Martins College of Art’s, Ela Mete from Textile Design and Defne Özdoğan from Architecture. Our approach to art and design feeds from different characteristics of both branches allowing us to experiment with the full potential of textile design. We aim to push the boundaries of the material by adapting it to various settings, for us textile is a multifunctional tool to dress body and space.  In our designs we see our fabrics as canvasses, making our distinctive prints and colour the focal point. Our motivation is beyond designing, we love to co-create.Through natural dyeing and live model drawing workshops we wish to share and practice as a community. We organise collaborative gatherings to interact with creative souls and different fields of art.  
  • 'ATIK DEGIL ARTIK' Our Annual Natural Dyeing and Shibori Folding Technique Workshops

    Akyaka, Turkey

    July 2021 & July 2022.

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  • Bundle Dyeing Workshop

    London, UK

    May 2022

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  •  Corporate Workshop Facilitation for ATOLYE Team's Yearly Retreat

    Igneada, Turkey

    June 2022

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  • Bundle Dyeing Workshop at Bozcaada Jazz Festival

    Bozcaada, Turkey

    August 2022

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  • Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing Full Day Workshop at No12 Gumusluk

    Bodrum, Turkey

    August 2022

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  • Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing Workshop at 'Dunya Icın Burada' Festival with Children

    Urla, Turkey

    September 2022

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